Twisted Skirt

Creative crew for fashion styling, lifestyle styling, short films, writing and events. All images produced by & property of Twisted Skirt

Photographer: Silje Bryn Knutsen

Stylist: Claire Wacey

Hair: Kazuhiro Takabatake 

Make-up: Louise Gough 

Model: Linda Reinvalde cosmic models

Twisted Skirt project 2010.

Model Brooke Theis

Beyond Brick Lane (2)



Model Test shots

What or who is Twisted Skirt

New fledgling creative crew morphing from freelance stylists etc to working together to deliver creative solutions for the fashion industry. We will share our story as it happens. We have a plan but you know the best plans in the world…

During London Fashion week in September 2010. Twisted Skirt got workers in central London to add an item to their every day wear. Each person performed differently and it was great to engage with people not involved or going to LFW and get them to perform with a twist to their work clothes.